Supervisors, managers, purchasing officers and those who make decisions about managing the risk of falls in the workplace would benefit from attending this course.  This session is conducted by an experienced trainer with years of experience of working in locations where a risk of fall exists and has been designed to inform personnel as an aid to understanding the characteristics, hazards and legislative requirements needed to safely work in these situations.

The program has been designed to allow participants to effectively understand what defines 'risk of a fall', legislative requirements for the safe management of falls in the workplace, WHS Act & Regulation, relevant Codes of Practice (Confined Space, Managing The Risk of Falls) and AS1891.


It will also provide an introduction to safe work procedures, hazard identification and risk assessment, work permits, hierarchy of controls, equipment and emergency response requirements. Participants will understand the roles and responsibilities of management and employees and the training and competency requirements.

Attendees receive a certificate of attendance.

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Note: This course is an information session designed for persons who need to better understand the requirements of managing the risk of falls. If you need training to undertake or manage work where risk of fall exists, please click to go to our accredited course

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