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Calibration & Service: Gas Detection Systems

Why Calibrate?

Portable and fixed gas detection systems need to be accurate to be effective. Even with current technology, sensors can drift over a short time as much as <2% to <5%.

If your unit fails a bump test, it generally requires service, re-calibration and maybe even new components.

On-Site Service

MSS provide on site calibration and service by accredited, trained, competent personnel for most popular types and manufacturers of portable and gas detection systems including:

  • Portable: Single gas units
  • Portable: Multi-gas units
  • Fixed Systems: Single and multi point systems and controllers

Service At Our Techlab

On occasion, your equipment may require a more in depth repair. Units can be brought to our clean room for further works including replacement parts.

How much will it cost?

After assessing your unit(s), MSS will provide a detailed quotation, including a report on the financial viability of repairs and will await your written instructions before commencing works. If you decide not to have the device repaired, there is a small inspection & reporting fee which is payable. This fee is detailed on the written quotation.

How often do i need to calibrate?

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