Safety Consulting & Services
Survery, Register, Drills, Documentation

MSS provides a wide range of consulting services. This includes site surveys, risk assessment, preparation of emergency response and rescue plans.

 Site & Asset Surveys


  • Confined Space
  • Lifting Gear
  • Other compliance registers


Creation, implementation and testing of procedures supporting documentation including:

  • Permit to work (e.g Confined Space, Working at Height
  • Emergency Rescue Plans
  • Evacuation plans
  • Document review

 Software Solutions

MSS provides data collection, software and software implementation solutions:

  • Safety Register Software
    • Data collection & Implemetation of Software Registers
    • Electronic JSA, Risk Assessment
    • Electronic Work Permits
    • Software Training for operators

 On Site Drills 

MSS has a team of technical experts that can assist with running real to life drills, testing your procedures and personnel. We can make this as simple as a practise session, honing skills and testing procedures or we can set up up a realistic drill to really test your ERT's skills.

  • Confined Space Rescue Scenarios
  • Contaminated Atmosphere Scenarios
  • Rescue from heights
  • Workplace Emergencies, medical, physical, fire etc.