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To work as designed and to provide the right level of protection, portable and fixed gas detection systems need to be accurate to be effective. 
Even with current technology, sensors can drift over a short time as much as <2% to <5% and will require service by qualified personnel, even if using automated calibration equipment.

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If your unit indicates a fault or fails a bump test, it will generally require service which can include an accredited calibration and maybe even new components. 

Most manufacturer's recommend daily testing of equipment and formal, document calibration of instruments at least every six months or more often in some applications. There is similar guidance and requirement from standards such as IEC60079/AS/NZS60079 which requires users to set up and monitor a gas detection program, including trained personnel to regularly check, monitor and document equipment and personnel and also to follow manufacturers recommended intervals for calibration and daily testing. 

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MSS provide service and calibration at your site saving down time and expense. Your equipment will be serviced by trained, accredited, competent personnel for almost every current (and not so current) types and manufacturers.

On occasion your equipment may require a more in depth testing or repairs. Units can be brought to our clean room for further assessment, repair works including genuine replacement parts. In most cases, we provide an equivalent loan unit for the duration of the repair.

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After assessing your unit(s), MSS always provides a detailed quotation, including a report on the financial viability of repairs and will await your written instructions before commencing works.

If you decide not to have the device repaired, there is a small inspection & reporting fee which is payable. This fee is detailed on the written quotation.

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With each service, as standard, we provide the following documentation and certification. 

  • Certificate of Calibration (Printed & Electronically via our Service Web Portal available 24/7)
  • Photographic evidence of any additional repairs/faults
  • Full traceability of calibration gases
  • Electronic Service Records maintained in MEX CMMS
  • Full Service history reports/records available on request (audits)
  • Download of Data (where required)

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